Lens Replacement

Yes, you can order new lenses for ANY frame from ANY brand!


Here's how it works: 

1. Order your lenses on our Lens Replacement page. If you are unsure what kind of lenses you need, take a look at our blog on lens material or contact us at info@fridayframes.com and we can help you out. 

2. Send your frames to: 1116 Key Street Suite 106, Bellingham WA, 98225

3. That's it! Anxiously await your new lenses! 



At this time, customers are responsible for shipping cost to our Bellingham office. We'll take care of shipping on the way back. 

We need to receive your frames before we can start making your lenses! We won't know what shape to cut your new lenses into until we see your frames, so make sure to get your frame in the mail ASAP after you place your lens order. 

This takes a bit of time. Lead time is about 18 days. Once we have your frames, our lab will get started making your lens order. This typically takes about a week. Once we have your lenses, we'll pop them into your old frames and ship them back to you. Shipping will take a couple days to a week depending on where you live. 

Fr!day Frames is not responsible for mail loss or broken frames at this time.